Tales Toolkit

We have been using Tales Toolkit to develop children’s oracy and storytelling skills.

The children have been exploring what the images mean, linking  them to books we have been reading and also when creating our own stories. Our first story this term was about Asty the Astronaut, who went to the moon,  a quiet, lonely, sandy and scary place. Asty encountered a problem when he lost the doors on his moon buggy – how was he to get back to his rocket and home. The children suggested Superman could rescue him or astronauts from the rocket could send down spare doors. What brilliant ideas. 

We have since told stories about aliens and to celebrate National Storytelling Week have created stories about a bear called Bella and an owl called Oscar, linked to our focus book Whatever Next. We looked for alliterative names and the box became a rocket to go to planet Disney. The problem was an alien who tried to ruin the fun but the children of Roxie group and the characters frightened him away.  The children have made excellent suggestions, all considered and valued. 

Some children created their own stories. Noah drew the pictures for his story and then came to tell us his story which we recorded. All his own words – nothing added, nothing taken away.

What will our story be about this week? 

Welcome back.

Happy New Year to everyone and a very warm welcome to our new families. 

Our theme of Space is being explored and enjoyed. 

Making a large rocket outside.

Creating aliens using different shapes.

Drawing an ‘an alien inside the moon’. 

We love Numberblocks

We have been looking at Numberblocks to help us count, recognise numerals and order numbers. We used a variety of mediums; we painted Numberblocks.

We created number lines.We created our favourite Numberblocks.

We also enjoyed working collaboratively and developing other skills such as using scissors successfully. Watch out for our stories next.


The children have still been enjoying Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle. Using our gross motor skills and making large marks on paper.

We again related this to the different letters we are learning. Children  continued mark making in all areas of Nursery. 

Our Flight To Brazil

Nursery went on a flight today. We took our passports to the waiting area at the airport.

We waited for our boarding call and then took our tickets and passports to be checked at the gate.

We then boarded our flight first watching the safety information.

Ready for take off.

Finally after an 11 hour flight we landed safely.

What an adventure.

Squiggle While You Wiggle

We re-visited Squiggle this week finishing with making smaller marks on paper linking the shapes made to different letters. Using circles we can make an ‘O’. The children then said ‘with my up and down lines I can make an ‘M’ and ‘put two lines together with another across the middle is a ‘H’ as in Harry Potter’. 

What will we be doing next week?

Squiggle While You Wiggle.

The children have been developing their gross motor skills to help with mark making. We practice gross motor movements to music.

We then make marks on paper – some children prefer to lie on their tummies to make marks.
We looked at making lines, circles and spirals. Mark making can be done with chalks, pens, sticks in sand, fingers in shaving foam.

Children returned to the provision and continued to explore large scale mark making outside.

What will we be doing next week?

Our East Midlands Trip

Today we went to East Midlands Airport to support our theme of transport and journeys. We looked around the terminal.

We explored both the departures and arrivals area.

We then explored Minilands in the Aerozone.

And made our own passports.

We then visited the Aeropark where we could see lots of planes take off and explore some older planes. Even Roxie Rabbit got to sit in the cockpit.

More photos to follow later.