Exploring shape.

Children have been exploring shape through a variety of mediums. 

Making shape buns in the play dough.

Painting in the style of Kandinsky.

Printing with different shaped cutters.

Exploring shape in the outdoor environment.

Look for shapes in the environment with your children.

Welcome back.

It has been good to welcome back our families and hear all about your holidays. Our new starters are settling in well and we have more children starting this week. All have engaged well with our theme of transport and journeys.

We have also been engaging in a variety of activities from mark making to role play, play dough to small world activities.

Please bring in photos and pictures of any different journeys or types of transport you have been on.

Thank you

Thank you to our children and their families for another wonderful year at Fox Hill Nursery. We enjoyed a variety of themes and trips which could not take place if families did not help out. We looked at different occupations.

And visited the Emergency Services Museum.

From our trips around Fox Hill.

To our visit to the City Centre.

Meeting the Lord Mayor.

We went to The Deep.

And looked at a variety of sea creatures closely.

All these experiences stimulated some excellent learning within the provision.

Too many to show.

We undertook our SuperHero walk which raised an amazing £1,100 and saw the purchase of our blocks which have been been well used. Making a pirate ship on the last day.

Thank you for making all this possible. We could not do it without you.

Fish and Chips

To celebrate the end of our Under the Sea theme (for FS2) and encourage children to eat fish we visited the fish and chip shop. Someone from each class was chosen for their good learning and we went down to collect them.

Everyone got to buy some and bring them back for everyone to try.

Mason knew that he had been given a £10 note and he would get change.

Delicious. Please continue to encourage your children to try different sea food.

30 hours Free Childcare

In September 2017 the government will be rolling out a new initiative for working families in England. For working families with 3 and 4 year old children they  may be eligible for an extra 15 hours of free childcare – so 30 in total.  Check out the Government Childcare Choices website for further information and to check your eligibility.  Fox Hill Nursery will be trialling this new initiative – access your childcare in an education setting. We signed up our first family yesterday.

If you require further information please contact us at Fox Hill Nursery.

The blocks have arrived. 

Today we took delivery of our blocks. 

The children have built circuits for balancing.

A train to go on holiday.

A special Superhero balancing space for Spidermen and Supermen that spins.

Look forward to see what else is created. On behalf of the Foundation Stage team I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our families for their generosity in making this happen.

Exhibition of Learning

Thank you to Wendy Scott, a local author for sharing her new book with the children, Billy’s Submarine Adventure.

We have been doing a lot around writing our own stories and encouraging our children to be authors. Roxie group have been taking home story  sacks to create their own stories with their families.

The children did enjoy sharing this story at group time and talked about different solutions to the problem.

Thank you to the families who came to share their learning and a story with their children.

Keep reading with your children, sharing a story is important – talk about the illustrations, the characters, what they like or didn’t like about the book. Enjoy and have fun.

Exhibition of Learning

Just a reminder that our Exhibition of Learning takes place this afternoon. Come and join your child to share their learning and enjoy a story with them. Come and join us if it is not your child’s day in Nursery. 

Joining us for this will be local author Wendy Scott who will be reading her new book with us.

Look forward to seeing you this afternoon.

Thank you

Thank you to Daniel and Christian at Manns the Fishmonger for supporting our topic. The visit this week was brilliant.

We are so lucky to have people who support our learning.

What have we got for this week?